United Auto Workers Local 22

Summary of Dues Money Spending

The data below covers spending in the selected categories over the 2013-2023 time period. For a full accounting of how the union is spending its dues money, you can review its individual financial filings with the federal government here.

The Center for Union Facts obtained 2013-2023 spending data from all United Auto Workers LM filings with the Office of Labor Management Standards (OLMS), which covered approximately 16,000 different spending line-items. We first assigned one of ten different categories to cover spending line items of interest, and then flagged individual expenses for a detailed description at the bottom of each page. The inclusion of specific line items in the list below does not mean the spending is necessarily improper; members can make their own judgement on this question.
By Category
Category Total Spending, 2013 - 2023
Country Club $164,360
Entertainemnt $8,100
Entertainment $6,936
Hotel $15,092
Lawyers $121,941
Public Relations $16,800
Restaurant $153,857
Swag $139,908
Travel $52,967
By Year
Spending Highlights

The line items below were hand-selected as being particularly large or notable instances of how the union is spending its dues money. If you'd like to find more detail on each entry, you can refer to the union's full LM filing here.

Vendor Description Amount Year
Crystal Gardens Banquet Hall $12,700 2023
Production House Shirts/Hats/Jackets $16,552 2023
Crystal Gardens Banquet Hall $10,960 2022
Halina's Catering Llc Caterer $15,716 2022
Tsi Usa Airline Reservation $11,399 2021
Trendkite Inc Public Relations Software $16,800 2020
Murphy Anderson, Pllc Law Firm $96,456 2019
Crystal Gardens Banquet Hall $21,085 2018
Custom Promotions Inc. Promotional Items $5,075 2018
Halina's Catering Llc Caterer $9,335 2018
Crystal Gardens Banquet Hall $20,282 2017
Image Pointe Clothing Supplier $8,770 2017
Come Play Detroit Recreation $6,600 2016
Crank's Catering Caterer $28,809 2016
Crystal Gardens Banquet Hall $27,970 2016
Four Corner Promotions Promotional Items $6,985 2016
Halina's Catering Llc Caterer $21,030 2016
Image Pointe Clothing Supplier $15,371 2016
Impressions Clothing Supplier $10,130 2016
Crystal Gardens Banquet Hall $12,818 2015
Four Corner Promotions Promotional Items $5,998 2015
Halina's Catering Llc Caterer $19,499 2015
Image Pointe T-Shirts $8,435 2015
Raisin River Golf Club Golf Course $5,452 2015
Usa Union Pro Shirts $8,936 2015
Crystal Gardens Banquet Hall $11,713 2014
Halina's Catering Caterer $12,016 2014
Raisin River Golf Club Golf Course $5,553 2014
Usa Union Pro T-Shirts/Hats/Promo $7,696 2014
Crystal Gardens Banquet Hall $11,172 2013
Halina's Catering Caterer $15,722 2013
Impressions Shirts Jackets Hats $6,964 2013
Raisin River Golf Club Golf Course $5,593 2013
Usa Union Pro Shirts $7,991 2013